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Jobs sure can be stressful. If you’ve ever had a job that put unreasonable demands on you, then you probably know that all too well. Poor training, negative co-workers, and bad management can leave you feeling drained. And it feels even worse if your work isn’t rewarding.

You shouldn’t have to work a job like that. You deserve better. When we started As You Wish Cleaning in 1997, we wanted fulfilling work that would really help our clients. We believe that your career should support the life you want to live. If you join our team, that’s the kind of job you’ll get. You might just love a career in house cleaning!

As You Wish Cleaning, a local residential cleaning company, based in Fishers, IN is looking to grow our team by recruiting positive people who want to make a difference!

We know this job can provide lasting satisfaction, great exercise, new skills, and personal responsibility… One important requirement is that you must be AWESOME!!!

How do we define awesome?

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